Thursday, November 26, 2009

Soooooo Slow Internet Connection

I'm a bit upset lately because of the slow Internet connection. It takes seconds to load a certain file, sites or whatever transaction that needs the internet. Oh geez, soooo slow internet connection! What I don't like there is the company is very updated giving the monthly bill and contacting subscribers through phone once the cut off date is near. Last month they cut my internet connection because I wasn't able to pay for a month, just lapse of 1 week and then they cut it of. Could you imagine that? Hopefully, Smart will do their responsibility being a Smart.


  1. bitaw daw Jov, kadungog man ko nga higpit daw ang smart...putol jud daw dayon kung ma delay imo bayad...ang Globe maski 3 months ka na wa ka bayad, dili sila muputol pero, hinayan nila ang imo supply sa speed..pero dili jud sila moputol..gawas lang kung naa bagyo kay mawala jud sya kay wireless man ko. hehe

  2. i usually get a slow connection on weekends pero okay lang.. hehe! basta meron :D

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