Saturday, November 14, 2009

School Keepsake Book

As parents, it's our main obligation to send our children to school in order to learn. An early time sending your kids to school is better. At early age your child will develop his talent and learn the things that he didn't learn at home. I am sending my son to school at the age of two. I dropped him of and wait for the class to finish. I find it a little bit hassle because of the distance but I already used to. As a mother I am also having fun doing this routine. During these early school days it would be great to get a school keepsake book to serve as a keeper of the memorable moments of your little precious gem. Anyway, do you love keeping memories and stay fresh as can be?

As soon as my son's reaching home he wants to take a nap maybe he's tired listening to their teacher in school and performing their school activities. For me it's good thing, at least he get rest and enjoy his nap mat while snoring. Does your child snore like mine? Well, I don't think so.

Aside from my son I have a small baby girl at home who left behind every time I drop my son to school. By this time she doesn't need yet the school keepsake book but the penny laine baby book she does. There I'll keep all the memories while she is a baby. How I wish my baby is always be a baby so I can always cuddle and play with her.


  1. Hi there I sent you an email already about your winnings. Please check junkmail.

  2. You're a real hands on mother, you know what's best for your children. Keep it up


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