Monday, November 30, 2009

Is It a Sign of THE END?

I opened PPP site this morning and this is what appeared.

The new Version which was opened few months ago.

I was looking around the page where to go heading to the old version. A certain link brought me to this page below, the inPostLinks the replacement of the old PPP version.

Then I tried to log in to my account and checked the opportunities available. Well, isn't that obvious?

inPostlink is purely text link from the advertiser. As blogger all you have to do is place a link and that's it. Well, what do you think about it guys?


  1. As for me, I am not happy. We have the same red opp. I got the feeling I will not get anything from them anymore.

  2. anong bago dito sa inpostlinks? nakita ko pero wala pa ko nag sign on.

  3. i already logged in but still did not add any blogs.

  4. @Pinay Mommy Online- I'm not happy either for this inPostlinks. The last time I visited the site I didn't found any opps for me. Too bad!

    @ shimumsy- With this new inPostlinks advertisers are only hiring bloggers to put only their links no more reviews.

    Anyway sissy thanks for coming.

  5. inpostlinks puro $.50 cents lang for 200 words..nakakaloka. maypa ang pppv4 kay naa hatag nako ug $.80 cents pero 30 words lang..hehe pinaka dako sa inpostlinks kay $1.50 waaaaa...kafaet ug kafangit


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