Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My 2 Little Raindrops

Here are my 2 little raindrops, I just want to share with you their sweet memories together. They're not sweet at all times, sometimes they are like cats and dogs, chasing and scratching one another. hehehe! Yes, my 2 little raindrops are like that, but still they are always in my heart filling my day with darkness and sunshine. I love you little raindrops.

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  1. fighting and scratching?? Hahaha, I have 4 kids and I know what you mean. My 2 little girls are the one who's fighting like cats then hugs like they've never seen each other. Kids are precious. My 15 yr old doesn't want to do a lot of things with us anymore..He grew so fast and I know all of them will grow up, so let's enjoy them while we can.. Thanks for the visit at my rodliz nest site..


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