Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Health is Wealth

Although we always hear this saying "Health is Wealth," but still there are individuals who are very poor in health. They get sick and some might get worst than expected. Few days ago, in our area there were many kids who were sick from few months old after birth till 6 yrs. old, and my kids are included in that.When we went to the hospital nearby to admit my daughter, how sad to hear that rooms for kids are fully booked. When I interviewed the parents mostly said their child is vomiting. I was really wondering if what kind of disease it is because my daughter is also experiencing the same thing. We transferred to another hospital but still I saw kids vomiting. We admitted my daughter there and few hours after my precious little one is feeling better. I was enlightened after that then we decided to send her home. On the way to the lobby I saw a cancer patient who is suffering really hard. Oh, it's hurting me seeing individual in bad health condition.

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