Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Eyeglass Needs a Repair

I purchased an eyeglass for me to wear every time I am using the computer. I can't sustain staying for many hours especially during the night so I decided to get one. It's been so many years I planned to have one multi-coated type but I find it very expensive, around more than 1,000 in Philippine money. Before I considered it as a waste of money buying but this time I need it badly so I have no choice except to buy. Guess what? My kids want to wear it too and they will remove it from my eyes. Oh, holy kidsss...Due to their many times attempt of removing from me it's now misaligned. This is the 2nd time already, again I have to bring it back to the store where I bought it and I'm heading there today.

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  1. Hey, is the eye glasses suppose to reduce the strain of the eyes whilst staring at the computer screen?
    I think I need one too! I stare at the screen too much. Eyes get really dry at times.. Argg...


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