Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wearing High Heels in 24 Hours?

In nature women really love to wear high heels shoes to make them taller, sexier or whatever. In my part I love wearing high heels to make me taller because I'm very short. lol! That's the truth, I'm really short around 5'0 ft tall. In fact I often complained about my height because there are jobs that I want to apply but there's a height qualification. In fairness huh it's not my fault to be short. Well, in reality Filipino people are short.

So enough for that blah blah blah. My question for you is, could you wear high heels in 24 hours?

photo credit: yahoo


  1. nahh.. ambot lang jud sis, dli jud ko kakaya og heels 24 hrs.. pastilan mga pugtod pod atong tikong ana^.. lol. kasakit kaha sguro sa tiil noh? maau lng if maglingkod rah pero hawoy japun oi.. lol.. dihinz carry 'yan sis for me..

    Cacai M.'s Place

  2. @sis Cacai- Correct jud ka sis mngapugtod atong takong...hhehehe! Pamaulan pa jud ta pgka ugma! Ako seguro mglisod nkog lakaw the following day...hehehe. Kafait!


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