Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kansas Man Won Again!

I just read few minutes ago about a Kansas guy for being lucky guy again. He won big in a lottery for the 2nd time this year. He's lucky huh? And for sure he is celebrating his victory this time. Remembering those times when I played the lottery, I was obsessed to win. Imagine I played everyday and I spent hours a day analyzing and matching the numbers. When I wake up in the morning the first thing came in my mind was the lotto result. The lottery really made me crazy for a short period of time. But luckily few months after I played and didn't win anything, I realized that I need to stop playing because I am only wasting my money. For me to stop my obsession I just put in mind that out of 1 million players only 1 player would be lucky. So after that my obsession of winning from the lottery was over. Life is just like that. This Kansas man is just lucky for being the winner out of those 1 million players who keep on playing the lottery everyday.


  1. wish ko din manalo pero bihira lng ako tumaya.hehehe sana tayo rin bigyan chance to win, ...hahaha ipamumud ko talaga. mark my word.

  2. basin ako na sunod mudaug okay lang bisan once wahahah

  3. Bitaw oi, ka swerte ba anang mana nya, naa siguro na 3rd eye..makit-an ang mugawas na number hahaha.


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