Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back in Cebu

These photos below were taken last night in the ferry we were riding on our way back to Cebu City. I have story to tell about the ferry we rode back here but I'll just post it here if I'm done with my transactions today which is the reason why I return right after a few days off from online world. This is just a quick update after my absences. For sure I'll be blog hopping tonight guys; I miss a lot being online especially my pindot classmates. See yah all later!

my son

son and mom

my son and nanny


  1. hello....seems all of you enjoyed the trip from cebu...sometimes we need other places to go and smell the cool breezes of the nature hehehe...

    nice your back!

  2. Welcome back sis hehehe, glad makakablog ka na uli. sarap magferry nuh! I had done that twice years ago... maybe mga 11 years na tagal na rin, teenager pa ako kaya masaya.

  3. hi sis, welcome back!

    and I have a tag for you diay sis, it's in here:

    Have a nice day sis! and Halloween is coming, gottaplan the costume already sis. Have a Happy Halloween in advance.

  4. Asa mn inyo sa cebu sis? asa mn jd inyo originally sus mangalibog naman ta ani sa kadaghan ug balay oi hehehe. ka big naman sa imu anak sis, mao d i wala tika kit an lately nag liwaliw d i ka sa sugbo ni osmena lol

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