Monday, August 3, 2009

Baby Born with 2 Heads

Here is the photo of a baby girl named Arciaga that was born in the Philippines with 2 heads. The baby was delivered on Tuesday by a 29 year old mother through cesarean section. According to the doctor, baby girl Arciaga was born with 2 hearts contained in 1 sac, which is a very rare case. The heads have separate brains and spines but share most other vital organs including kidneys and lungs.

"The rate of survival will depend on the shared organ. If they only have one heart, they will not survive," the unidentified spokeswoman told local radio. So we'll just see if what will happen next.


  1. i think sila yung na feature sa pinoy newspaper dito. i hope sila din yung parents na binigyan sa wowowee ng money. hope they can help the family.

  2. nako wawa nmn ng baby, hope somebody can help them...


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