Thursday, August 6, 2009

Are You Willing to Spread the Word for Charity?

Hello everyone! How far are you willing to Spread The Word For Charity? Spreading the word is only a simple task to do. All you need to do is spread about hotelsCombined. When you are spreading, that thing is already considered as a big help for hotelsCombined and for the Charity. For you to know hotelsCombined is one of the world's hotel search engine on the net. They are willing to give some money to charity for anyone who is willing to spread the word about Actually there are three ways for you to spread your word; one is by mentioning it on your blog, 2nd, tweet it and 3rd is by becoming a facebook fan on their page. I think you don't need to think about it many times if you would spread it or not because if you are willing to help the charity your heart is open and willing to do everything for charity.

Spreading has a corresponding amount of money to be shared by the world's hotel search engine which is the; if you are going to blog it then they will give $20 to the charity, if you tweet $10 and being a facebook fan is $5. So what are you waiting? Start spreading the word now!


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  1. Nice Blog

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    Arun Sharma


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