Friday, August 14, 2009

Google Logo

I noticed that the logo of our father google is keep on changing all the time. I love looking at it anyway. Few days ago I took an snapshot of the logo and here is the one with the falling star. Try to take a glance in the first photo. The next image after it is what I have found few minutes ago when I visited their website. Anyway, could you explain to me why they come up with that 2nd logo at this time?

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  1. Today's (8-14-09) Google logo is hard to interpret, so I'll go with my gut. I'm an optimist, but all I see here is death: time has run out, it's past midnight, the magic is over. It is cyclical (like life), looks like an IV, but is brown, like caked blood, not red. Finally, there's the proverbial old "nail in the coffin" that can't be avoided in the cycle.

    Checked out Today in History and can't equate this theme with anything historical - will google please illuminate?


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