Tuesday, July 7, 2009

At Last They Hear My Words

I wrote here on my previous post regarding sponsoredreviews.com that they don't pay me since I started writing for them. Actually I'll just wait to be paid from any network I joined until the time came that I noticed that 2 months already which is supposed to be I receive my payment from them. I smell something fishy from that so I started to write to their support asking the reason why such thing happens. They answered me that there's a bug that need to be solved so I tried to wait because they are asking an extension. Two months after still they don't pay me despite of my continue asking support from them for me to get paid. And guess what happened? I received an offer requesting me to write a review about them but I refused to do so and stating the reason why I'm not accepting at the moment. To make this story short 2 days after that refusal to write for them they pay me manually and they are asking again an apology for what happened. So for those who experienced the same problem as mine just try to negotiate again with them.


  1. AHA!!! ganun pala ha/ makikita nila sa akin ...pagbalik namin sa bahay ..two weeks more to go ..kc inaayos ung bathroom kaya sumaglit lng ako today...thanks for this info...

  2. Congrats sis at nabayaran ka na.. Ung payingpost ba? legitimate site ba 'yun?

  3. Sis, hindi ko alam kung okay na ung comment ko, ulitin ko nalang. Anyway, mabuti naman at nabayaran ka na ng SponsoredReviews. Yung payingpost ba legitimate site?


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