Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Couple with 18 Children

When I open the computer yesterday I saw at yahoo headlines the woman from Arkansas named Michelle Duggar had just delivered a baby girl by cesarean section to her 18th child. When I read it I asked my self "What 18th baby?". Oh my goodness!I was really surprised on that woman. And they said they want more.

So the Duggar family have now 10 sons and 8 daughters. Hmmm.. When do you think they will have another baby? Well, We will watch out for that.

Anyway, having a big family is fun when the kids are grown already, but of course big expenses also especially when they reach in college. So the parents must have to prepare in everything for their needs in order to raise their children well to be somebody in the future.



  1. I am not surprise of that news because one of the workers in our farm was have less than 30 babies since she got married very young and still having baby until she was in her 40-50's. Anyway, I would like to ask you if do you like to sponsor a contest pls. contact me thanks. Just visit me here and leave a comment about your offer. TC

  2. too..

    not surprise..

    in Indonesia, there are more big family more than 12 children :)

    but keep post

  3. @momgen & Junifarn- I was surprised because I never heard that here in our country. Usually reaches only til 12-15 like that but 18 that's very strange. Well maybe because of our economy. anyway thanks to you guys for visiting.

  4. same here.. i am not surprise with the news since i have seen the world record of a woman having 40 children well, its good to have a big family, but, 40 is more than big :]


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