Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting Own Domain

Lately I'm planning of getting my own domain. I have to make some research first before choosing from which site. I heard about godaddy dot com and when I looked at their site they're on sale. Actually I am looking for the cheapest but reliable one.

Where do you think i can find that? Honestly speaking I never tried doing this (buying own domain) in my whole life so I really don't have any idea how do it and how it works. And that one is of my next thing to find out. So be with me guys I'll tell you soon my discovery.


  1. hi..but why buy one when you can enjoy the free ones?..

  2. Hi Friend,Nice blog.2day my smile for u,do the same for me too.tnx.

  3. Where to buy the name isn't as critical as where you host. I assume you'll still be using blogger? Godaddy is a fine place, and I have some domains purchased through them. I use for the majority of my names.

    The worst thing about Godaddy is that their renewal price is usually not as discounted as either the new domain or transfer domain price.

  4. I am also seriously thinking of getting my own domain soon. have you found the place?


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