Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Year a New Life

Few days to go and 2008 will be over. A New Year and a New life, but have you think if what it would be like? I think nobody is not hoping that it would be a fruitful year compared to the past years. More jobs, more blessings and good health as well.

Since it's a new life, we are also thinking of some new things to do or need to be change in our lives. I heard some people saying "My New Year Resolution is to quit Smoking", and another individual also saying "My New Year resolution is to Stop dating different men." So, what about you? I'm sure you have too. And 'bout mine? Hmmm.. I just want to be on time at all times because it take too long for me to do things. This is always one of my new year resolution but not yet fulfilled. Hopefully next year I'll start to shine. lol!

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