Saturday, July 17, 2010

Midnight Sale Last Night

There was a midnight sale last night at the mall nearby. Mom and I witnessed the event while the kids are sleeping. I just bought few pairs of sleepers for myself and more clothes for the kids. The malls around the City are always having sale event; it's like almost every month there's a midnight sale. From 8pm till midnight the regular price of the items has a discount of 20%. Well, it's not bad actually.

Sorry no pictures to share because my hands were full and so busy choosing good deals to get though I brought the camera because it's in the plan to capture few but still no time. hehehe.

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  1. hhahaha...I can imagine busy ka ug shopping sis...agoy na miss nako ang midnight sale..d man tawon na uso dre sis woi....:)

    thanks sa dalaw...sensya na tawon karon lang ko kag laag...busy akong life man jud woi...sensya na po!


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