Saturday, July 24, 2010

Going Back to School Once Again

As parents it's normal for us to feel excited and get worried once the child is started going to school. Feel excited because as a parent especially the mom should wake up early to prepare everything, so once they wake up all things are ready, like food for breakfast, uniform and etc. In my case I just want to share with you that for the first time when I ironed my son's school uniform I can't define my feelings. I said to myself "this is it" and actually I can't wait seeing him wearing the uniform for the first time.

For my kids school needs, from buying kids backpack and to paper supplies I got those stuffs a month ahead. That is how excited I was when my toddler attended his class for the very first time. Being a mom of a preschooler is really exciting. It's a combination of different feelings.

Anyway, now that school is back once again I decided to let my father send and drop my son to school while he is here with us for a vacation. My son's class schedule is in the afternoon so he still has enough time to enjoy taking a nap using his old nap mat. Yes you heard it right, it's old that is why I was thinking of getting a new one including the personalized stuff of stephen joseph backpack. So anyway, if you have kids that go to school and still need more stuff especially the backpack, please visit Posy Lane.

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