Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hey, It's Not a Toy!

That's my girl! Always looking for a new toy to destroy. lol! Every time she's inside my room her hands are always full, if not making the room cluttered she'll destroy the things like my old camera she's holding, she destroyed it without a doubt.

daughter: This is my new toy. I love it because it's big and so cool!

daughter: Mama is blogging, it's now my chance to twist and pull what's in here.


  1. sa sobrang init of course kalami magpaduol sa aircon

  2. hahaha maayo diay ni pareson imo anak ug akong anak Jov...ako tawag sa ako anak kay "The destroyer" hahaha

    adgi ra ko diri.

  3. kids! you can't take your eyes on them even for a moment or you'll be surprise what they'll do next. LOL..

  4. oh so cute...maayo gani na sis kay dli electric fan ang dulaan..kong isulod ang tudlo diha sa dan dli ra makaputol og tudlo hehehe...makahinumdom ko sa akong childhood..hapit mputol akong tudlo anang electric fan


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