Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcoming My New Friend!

Friends just come and go as what they say. Though that's the reality but I'd still like to say that I am still blessed and grateful for having a new catch. She's in the image below. I hope she would be nice to me and would not give me any early trouble. lol!

I bought this new friend Sony W310 from my blogging earnings, so before my blogging world may come to an end, at least I have this souvenir for myself not always for them and for the house. hehehe. Treat ko nman this time, diba?


  1. Wow nice siya sis. sakto ka sis treat yourself who know mawala ni ugma or next week atong blogging income. thats a good gift for yourself. you deserved that sistah

  2. Wow, congratulations on earning enough to buy a new toy! :) I look forward to seeing your photos :)


  3. that's great paminsan minsan naman we deserve something for ourselves di ba

  4. hala...so nice...:-)

    good idea, i should treat myself too. but after i paid all my debts...lol.

    happy clicking!


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