Friday, April 23, 2010

She's Looking for Pink Polka Dot Dress

My cousin has an incoming event to attend this coming few days. The affair is just related to their school activities so she really wants to attend and they are prescribed just to wear casual attire. My cousin told me when we were chatting on the net that she really wants to wear pink polka dot dress. She doesn't have it yet so she asked my help to help her find that dress. Of all my cousins she's the one who is very closed to me. We share secrets, laugh together and we are there also for each other during tough times in our lives. Anyway, I looked around but sad to say that I wasn't able to find the one she wanted me to find. Instead of pink polka dot the image below is the one that I saw. I haven't showed to her it yet but I hope she will like it.

In fairness huh the dress above is not that expensive. So far the quality is good and it is soft to touch. Since I will not be the one to wear so I'll just let my cousin decide for it.

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