Thursday, April 1, 2010

Web Hosting Geeks

Hi guys, how are you? Hope you are all doing great this Holy week. Anyway, I have mentioned earlier on my previous post that I was searching again the best web hosting provider to host my other domain. Web site hosting is my main focus this time that I have some extra cash in my pocket to pay for it. I never tried any web hosting provider before because aside from I don't have the means to pay I also not taken blogging seriously, but now that I have both I think it is time to have my own domain hosting to the quality hosting provider. I asked some of my friends here online if which one they are using and if they encounter some problems, and what they told me is yes they do. They said they want to transfer to another web hosting site because they are not satisfied with the service rendered to them. So based on what they said we need to be careful in choosing. I made further research online and I am glad that I met this dedicated hosting site that gives information especially to the beginners like me.

If you will just have the time to visit the site I am referring here, which is the web hosting geeks I am pretty sure you will gain some information about web hosting. There they put the top 10 web hosting providers for this year 2010. If you don't want to be left behind with this very important news just simply head over to web hosting geeks. The good thing there is the site gives reviews to the corresponding provider listed on the top 10. As a matter of fact, Inmotion is the top 1 for this year 2010. Since I know now if which is good I think in the few days I could get my own hosting plan.


  1. I like hostgator for webhosting as i am hosting many sites there for paying very low for good service

  2. hi, friend!
    Honestly, i like your post. Precisely this will help me out coz im planning it too buy a domain. However, I dont have any idea and never ask before about web hosting.

    Im grateful you've share this idea. I will ty read those link.

    By the way,Hope you dont mind If I follow your blog. This is one way to keep in touch. Hope you do the same.


  3. I would suggest the site for buying the best web hosting Plans at low cost...I hosted my site in there.


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