Friday, April 9, 2010

Dried Fish for Sale!

Hello everyone! Do you want some dried fish? By the way, how often do you eat dried fish? Do you really eat or just snob it? If you are from Cebu City I am pretty sure you are familiar if where I captured the images here. Today, I went to Tabo-an Public Market few minutes away from the City proper. It was my first time visit there and I was amazed with their dried fishes like danggit, bulinaw, and some other types which I don't remember the names. I saw how busy the vendors are entertaining their customers that usually came from Manila and some just came from different provinces here in Cebu. In fairness huh I love their "danggit", but since it's not in season this time so the price is really high. Despite of the high price I still take home 1 kilo, but hopefully in my next visit it will decrease even a little because I am planning of selling it. lol!

Take a look at this image below, they are in variety

You want some?

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