Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sorry Store I need to Return It

Today, I decided to return the toy that I just purchased 3 days ago at the mall nearby. The mall is new and they are very strict when it comes to changing items. I had a bad experienced from them the time I purchased a no good mirror. Instead of seeing ourselves clearly in the mirror there was a portion in the mirror that is painful for the eyes because it is blurred once you want to see yourself on it. Actually I didn't noticed it at the time I bought because it's not really that obvious, but when I started to hung it on the wall I saw the weird scenario of myself. So of course I returned it right away, but prior replacing the item the staffs there were giving me hard times because they don't want to replace it. I argued with them, till they changed it. The 2nd time around was so frustrating, again they don't want to replace it. I really don't like their store policy. Again I argued with their customer service. They told me they will accept the item if on the same day I'll make the replacement because they can still void from their machine. Well, they put on their receipt that replacement and return of item is honor within 7 days from the date purchase. So what is it? just for decoration? I didn't leave the mall till they call their store manager and let it decide to honor the replacement. Oh geeez.. you guys you are giving me heart attacks.

With all the malls here in Cebu City this is the worst mall so far that I encountered this kind of scenario. Really frustrating. You want to know the mall name? It is Gaisano Grand Mall, Mactan Branch. The store was just opened last year 2009.

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