Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poor Smart Internet Connection

Three days already since the Internet connection is on and off and it made me upset. I keep calling the Smart hot line for the problem encountered and you know what they told me? Ma'am please just wait within 30 minutes. So the blogger is waiting and call back again. The next phrase I receive was "Please wait within 24 hours I already made a report about your problem". So the following day same problem again til today and keep on calling again, again and again and got the same answer. Hopefully Smart will fix this technical problem.Really poor connection I don't know when this will be fixed, hopefully soon. And I'm calling Smart to give me a rebate for this.


  1. Dear you,
    I have something for you. ^^

    Come quick to here:

  2. same here, many are complaining about smartbro...most friends sometimes dont have connection for a week up to 3 weeks...switch ka na kasi hehehe


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