Friday, November 7, 2008

Sucky Finger Baby

My baby is 14 months old and he still suck his fingers(the little finger and the ring finger). When he started teething I become more worried about it because he got cut on his fingers where he often suck and it take time to heal for that wound. I think the teeth is sharp that's why he got cut on it. I tried putting glove on his hand so he can't suck and forget soon, before it works when he was 12 mos. but when I stop putting glove he turn again as a sucky finger baby. Besides from the glove I also tried putting ginger (extract) on his finger and it didn't work. My last option this time is to put chili on his finger and I know he'll cry so that's why I'm hesitant to do it. I know the glove will not work anymore because he knows already how to remove it. There were many times I put it and when I check it the morning it's not there on his hand anymore. So regarding my last option I still have to think many times about it (referring to chili) if have to do it or not.

Is there any mom out there who encountered the same problem as mine? Will you please share some of your tips to this worried mom over here?


  1. my teen girl was sucking her thumb when she was young. I did everything like you. Almost 2 years old but still sucking. I put chili as my last remedy.She cried too much jumping and run without direction until chili contaminated with chilli I pity her and very traumatic for her. Pls do not do to your child. I consulted a doctor. He said thumb sucking is a sign of insecurity. I cared my baby so much, not even one fly can't close to her. Just do a passive way
    For my second child , I put vicks vapo rub because thumb was already having callus so I put a little vicks , and it is milder and he himself refused the taste

  2. correctio:

    Until her eyes contaminated with chili


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