Monday, November 10, 2008

Toddler Shoes

As time goes by my baby boy is now big and growing faster. This morning while we are sitting in the couch I tried to let him wear his old shoes and I noticed that it is becoming tighter and I'm sure that soon it won't fit anymore. Actually my son don't like wearing shoes, he prefer sandals that is why I am not fond of buying shoes for him except sandals.

Since his shoes is already small I am thinking of buying a new pair for him, a shoes that he will be comfortable wearing while walking. He really loves to stay outside most of the time and he can have lots of it when his daddy will be here. Dad and son bonding again while walking with the new comfy shoes. While browsing in the net I found this 2 cool and very comfortable by just looking at it and really good for hiking. You can view some of these at childrensplace store they are also on sale.


  1. Those are very nice shoes, they appear to be well made and will give great support to growing feet.


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