Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Blogger

I felt lazy and tired when I woke up this morning. Since I start blogging I sleep late most of the time and it made me feel tired and sleepy. Well, I think that's the natural feeling of an sleepless person, am I right? What do you think? I'm having fun! Got addicted to it from the time I started blogging and not only that I'm yearning also to earn something. Being a full time mom taking care of the babies waiting for the sun to shine life is boring sometimes.Maybe not unless if going out everyday and go shopping, go to places wherever you want. But I'm not that rich. I usually went out before when no babies yet almost everyday I can't stay at home. But now is different I have to save money, even single cents I keep that. So hopefully I can earn something from what I am doing lately.


  1. wish you achieve your hope mam....

  2. Sorry....

    i couldn't read english easily....

    nice blog!


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