Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lexmark Uniform

Have you heard about Lexmark Company? It is an International Company that manufactured ink for the printer. In fact they are also selling printer, fax machine and so much more. Lexmark has a site in Lapu-lapu City that is located in Visayas that purely manufacture printer ink and to mention it is very expensive compared to other brand. So that's only an overview about Lexmark.

The story is this, when I went to the supermarket I saw a beggar wearing lexmark uniform. There are two of them, I don't know where do they get that uniform. My only point is, what do you think would be the reaction of the Lexmark people that their uniform is worn by the beggar? And what if the Lexmark people and the beggar meet in the street wearing the same thing. Well, maybe they will be shock or might be upset.


  1. yes.. the initial feeling would be that way.. but if u look at the brighter side, isnt it nice that lexmark has in a way helped the beggar? because of that uniform, the beggar had something to wear. still great, i guess :)


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