Friday, November 7, 2008

Fixing Your Baby's Flat Head

As a mother we don't want that our baby will have a flat head. I'm glad that my first baby which is now 14 months old don't have that problem. Is that a problem? For me I can consider that as a problem. During his early months of infancy I told my husband that I don't want our baby's head will turn into flat. And he kept telling me that I'm too much. Yeah it's true I'm really too much and it's because I want the best for my child. If anything I can do I'll do it, that's how I love my baby. So I bought a pillow for our little one that can support his head and we also keep on turning him from side to side.

For moms out there you can fix your baby's flat head with the instructions below:

1.)Allow the baby to sleep on his side. If you change his position during the night often, his flat spot will begin to go back to a normal shape.

2.)Use a blanket or wedge at night to keep the baby from laying on the flat part of her skull. The non-flat part should be resting on the bed.

3.)Encourage the baby to play on his tummy. A sufficient amount of tummy time can help him development as well as take the weight off of the flat spot on his head.

4.)Hold your baby often. If you keep the baby out of swings, cribs and car seats for a few hours a day, it will take the pressure off of the skull.

5.)Ask your doctor about a pressure helmet. In severe cases, a doctor may use a helmet to help reshape the baby's head back to normal.

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