Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hubby's Back Pain

As an individual who has been raised in a rural area, I can say that the technology is way behind than in an urban area. I can really compare it and in fact I have proved it to myself when the time we moved to a big city. As part of that relocation, of course I accessorized our humble abode with furniture such as table, beds, mattresses, sofa and a couple of appliances. I admit I came from a rural area plus with limited internet back in the old days so I really have limited knowledge about things like that. Instead I just grabbed stuff at the store which I thought fine for myself. Honestly, I never heard before the term memory foam mattress and the amazing benefits it has offer to the user.

My husband was not with me at that time so he just let me buy what I need to get. Time went by he arrived home, and weeks later he started complaining about my purchased mattress because his back get hurts. So I asked myself why only him? How come my back is not complaining every time it lands on my mattress? Later I realized that I am used to sleep on a hard surface unlike my husband. For him to stop complaining of having back pain I told him that soon I’m going to replace our two beds with wonderful mattresses that will surely give the full support to the body plus will last longer. Upon hearing my words I saw then the big smile on his face.

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