Thursday, February 23, 2012

Parent -Teacher Communication is a Must!

I am saying this parent and teacher communication is a must because there lies the school thing of our children. I appreciate so much how organized the teacher was in my son's previous school and the teaching was also great. There my son learned to do some of the household chores because they also teach the students to be responsible at their very young age aside.

Now I am opening this topic right here in my blog because I am so disappointed again yesterday where my son has transferred. Their PTC is very opposite to the previous son's preschool. I am sorry to say this but it is the truth. 

Another scenario was yesterday, the school administrator declared it as holiday without sending us any note or text messages. Supposed to be by Friday they should be announcing it that Monday has no class because it is Edsa Revolution Day. I have read from the internet that Februaury 25, 2012 is commemorated for the said event and have proclaimed as non-school day. It depends on the school if they're going to consider Monday as non-school day instead of Saturday. Well whichever that day is, the school should inform us parents so we won't become blind and let our student go to school and arrived there with a gate closed. Waaah! Beulah!

Within this week I am planning to have a visit of their school to see what's going on with my student.

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