Monday, February 6, 2012

Unexpected Effect in Using Victoria's Secret Bra

I love Victoria Secret products, from their beauty stuff, clothing, and underwear and so on. But for the past days I felt so sad to see that I have negative effects for wearing this pink bra posted below. The story started when I wore it for about a day which happened twice. At first I thought it was just my skin fault. There were rashes appearing on my skin under the bra. So I just ignored it instead I put some cream for the rash. Few weeks after the rashes were gone I wore the bra again, and to my surprised these things below were visible. I think it is because of the material being made which are different from the rest of my bra? How sad! Maybe I am just allergic to the material.

After having this result I decided to keep this bra and be useless forever. I don’t want to happen such negative results will be bothering me again in the future! So goodbye to this Pink Victoria Secret Bra!

this is it! Goodbye!

The shiny part is the portion that caused damage to my skin. It is like silicon. I am not sure if what it is!

The rashes that I got after hours wearing of the pink bra. So scary look. Good thing now is it is getting better but still hurt. (this is the left side under the bra)

More rashes on my right side skin. Sigh!


  1. Aww. That's sad. I love VS products din.. pero wala pa akong VS bra. Sayang naman.. pero if its giving you nga much discomfort, mas maganda ngang discard na lang. Goodbye na, VS bra..

  2. Every skin type has it's own reaction to a certain kind of fabric. Everything with cotton blend is okay to me. I hope it'll be treated soon.



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