Thursday, September 29, 2011

She Can't Stay in One Place

I went to the nearby LBC outlet yesterday to make my payment. I haven't registered the account yet for my online payment so I have no choice at this moment except to visit any outlet that will accept the type of payment. Anyway the place is just near so it is not actually an issue for me. I brought my daughter with me because she was also done with her morning class.

While waiting for my turn I take pictures of her busy walking, touching everything around the LBC place. You know what sometimes I am really hesitant to bring her with me because she can't stay in one place. Before leaving the house I always speak to her to behave when we go out. Of course she often say YES. But in the actual scenario here she is caught in the act.

She is at the back of the chair hiding.

Before we left the place her hands and face were so dirty.
Is your 3 year old kid also like this?

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