Monday, September 5, 2011

Additional Indoor Plant

I love a home surrounded with lots of plants and flowers. In fact, we are looking forward of having our own place with a big yard so we could plant anything we want. In the apartment where we are currently living there's no way space outside. What is outside is enough for us to sit during summer and have barbecue. We are just renting so I can't complain because the rental is high $1,000 plus and only 2 bedrooms.

My dream to have plants or even mini-garden is way far to achieve. So because of that, I just buy indoor plants at Walmart. Of course I did not buy in bulk. For the last plant I bought is in the image below. I don't know its name but what I know is we have like this in the Philippines. I bought it for $5. Since the pot was small I decided to transfer it in a bigger one as you can see below.

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