Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Backpacks and Bags

School has just started in our place two days ago. When we went to WalMart a week before the opening of the class parents and students were busy buying school supplies, bags, and some other stuff. Every time I can see kids going to school around our village it reminds me of my two little little children who are now attending Preschool class in the Philippines. I left them on the first day of their class. But before that time we went also for shopping for their things. I bought my son a roller bag which can be turn into backpack. Of course, I made sure that the books will fit in there. For my daughter she has her favorite cartoon character backpack. I saw the spark on their eyes on that moment when they saw their bags. If I am mistaken they were comparing if which one has a jump for joy when they found out that they have new bags.

For students who have numbers of books, I would suggest to go for book bags because there is enough room for the books. A branded one or with good quality would be great so it won't be easily be rupture. Well, the owner should also take good care of their bag for it to last longer. Talking about the care for bags, I am impressed the way how my friend takes care of her bags. Actually people are different. Some just dump their things at the corner after using. Is that your attitude my friend? I hope not.

We know that the price of backpack varies on its design, quality and the place where it is manufactured. When I buy stuff I usually consider those qualities I just mentioned. I want to make sure that I can get a good one because I always think of the long term service. That is my perspective when buying personal things. With regards to that, I usually buy stuff during sale event to avail the discount. If there is additional coupon, then that would be great. This time of economic crisis every penny for me is so important. In fact I am teaching my children on how to save money so they will know the real value or essence of money. Soon I will be seeing my two kids, and then I will find out if the backpacks I purchased few months ago are still in good condition. Anyway, as a mom, do I have a choice if those stuffs are not in a presentable manner?


  1. tama Sis dapat we always think of a quality. lalo na pag dating sa mga loved ones natin. We always want nothing but the best for them.

    >> thursday visit

  2. Hi, salamat sa pagbilin ug komentaryo sa akong post :) Know what, kadto nga bag is hapit mu-$300 and presyo. Haskang mahala. In my dreams na lang siguro to :)

    As a mom we always wanted the best things for our kids. Getting deals in stores and of course with good quality matters most.



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