Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Development of 2 Mos. Old Baby

Now that you're baby has turned to 2months old, she is showing signs of growth and development. The smile that is really meant for you and not unintentional can make your tears fall down, and after hours of sleepless night due to her chaotic cries and sleeplessness become absolutely worthless and okay once she genuinely smiles at you, as if expressing a sense of belonging and gratitude. Her smile reimburses your sleepless nights, chaotic days and loss of normal life.

Now that she's 2 months old she now enjoys watching complex toys and other colorful objects. So, this is the ideal time to introduce plastic toys and soft balls to your infant. The simpler bi-color or tri-color rattles may be supplemented with more colorful balls or cartoon-based colorful plastic/ rubber toys which she can watch or hold in her hands. You can go for a good quality baby gym for your girl at this juncture. She may also have a lovely time watching musical merry go round hung over her cradle or beddings.

As she's growing up, her sleeping pattern has changed. Her waking hours are also becoming longer. Now she requires only one or two feeds in midnight. This in turn implies that she is going to sleep the whole night, and the period of sleepless nights for you is almost over. She is all set to sleep for as longer hours, as long as ten hours together, and likewise wake up for equivalent hours. This will substantially bring your life to normal routine and make you feel better about the fresh way of life with an infant by your side.

Your little one is also gaining control over her body parts. She's improving the coordination of hands, eye and mouth. Her neck muscles are also getting stronger. Now she can raise her head higher and for rather longer period. Though her neck is still not wholly in her control, she is able to move it at her will from side to side. She is gaining weight and getting stronger. She is able to focus on objects seven to eight inches away from her and keep track of their movement with interest. She also smiles and cries to emote.

If your child shows differently to what is written above, don't you worry because each child is unique, some shows at early stage and some are late.

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