Friday, October 31, 2008

Don't Know Where to Spend Holidays?

Holiday is the time for us to spend time to our love ones. No work! You don't need to get out from bed early in the morning like around 3 or 4 a.m. just to reach the early bus and for us not to be late from work. Holiday is really a special time for us to stay with our family. During this time People are planning to go the beach, malls for shopping, park especially if have kids, so the kids can run around and play. Really lots of options to do, and if you prefer to spend it in the beach I highly recommend Plantation Bay Resort. The place is great! They have the beach,pool and a very nice man made lagoon. If you have kids there's also an activities for them too.

This kind of place is where you belong. So, Have FUN!

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  1. hi Jov,
    Linked you already in my blog.
    Hope you do the same. God bless and more power!

    Cheers, Jan and Yen


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