Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thanks God My Problem is now Solved!

It's been 2 nights that I was sleepless because of the problem of this blog. It was reported attack site. According to Google there was a malware injected on it that made my mind turned upside down. Oh, it was my first time. I really cried because of that malware from somewhere. It really made me crazy for a while. I thought it was the end of this blog as well as my blogging journey, but thanks to God he heard my prayers. I can't believe it! It's like a very bad nightmare that I ever had in blogging. I can breathe now clearly through the bones and all my veins. I am so happy that after all here I am still surviving from those bad spirits in blogging.

To all my visitors and friends I apologize for what happened to my blog few days ago. Now it is back to normal. I hope you will still visit my blog.


  1. glad your blog is back... i would be really "pissed" if it will happen to me too


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