Monday, May 10, 2010

My 29th Birthday Wish

I'll be turning 29 this coming 21th of May and so far life is doing okay although not completely filled up because me and the kids are here in an island while hubby is living in another part of the world. I've been married for almost 4 years and blessed with 2 children. Within those years of being married hubby and I are living miles apart. It is very tough but I need to be strong.

Despite of hubby's absence I am raising the kids by myself with the help of a maid. I know someday our family will be together forever. As of now I need to be patiently wait. Even if whatever cry I'll make just to bring our family together still it won't help, so aside from the endless hope, pray and wish I am holding for our family I am wishing on my 29th birthday a bouquet of flowers. Honestly, I never received flowers in my whole life even from my husband, but he gave me gifts except flowers. I really find it so romantic receiving flowers especially from the one you love. Actually I always buy flowers for my vase but not really for me, so what I want is purchased intended for me. Again, for me alone.


  1. wow! same here. i'm turning 22 this May 21.. cheers! :)

  2. flowers can really melt a girl's heart. hope you get your wishes and happy birthday too. care to join my giveaway -

  3. @Richard- Thanks so much for dropping by. I visited ur page already and left some comment.

    @melandria- You are exactly correct sis.

    BTW, thanks for the invitation I'll try to visit your blog soon.


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