Thursday, December 3, 2009

Treating Oneself Sometime

Every time I go shopping the first area where I often look at first is the bag section. I admit I love collecting bags and I only shop during sale event for me to save some bucks. Reminiscing when I was still single almost every month I have a new bag, but this time that I already have 2 kids it's like I don't want to buy anymore for myself because I prefer to go shopping stuff for my kids and for my partner in life. Actually, I'm the one who do the budget at home so I know if there's enough money left to buy some extra for myself. Honestly, I missed shopping for bags and indulging myself in some luxuries which I had before. Anyway since it's now in Christmas season I'm counting on treating myself to get a new louis vuitton handbags. I know how expensive their handbag is so I think I need to save a little more.

How about you, is buying something new from louis vuitton is on your list for this season? Just to let you know shopping this time any of their products can give you a big savings because they are on sale. The time I visited their shopping store I was drooling for their louis vuitton bags.

For my personal Christmas gift I'm looking forward of getting any of the following handbags. Aren't they all looking stunning? Well, I saw all these things from louis vuitton's place.

So If you are planning of giving something for this Christmas I'm telling you any louis vuitton stuff is such an awesome gift to give. So what are you waiting? Shop now while you can avail their big savings!


  1. haguy ang akong fave na brand na bag pero can't afford to buy the authentic one...hehe pwede imitation hehe

  2. How I wish to have this one too. GAnda...

  3. wow. i love the bags especially the first one. you sure have taste hopeful!

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  4. Hey, aesthetic look of these bags are very attractive.


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