Monday, December 28, 2009

EON Cyber Account Problem

I got my EON card for the purpose of connecting it to my Paypal account which is finally set. After it has been settled and done everything with its coding I registered to their Cyber account to keep on track with my money instead of going to any ATM machines outside the house. Of course to register you have to input all the details from your name to password. It became okay after the approval but everything went bad after the expiration of my password has arrived. It has been set already in their system that password will expire after few months. So what I did I tried to change my own to a new one before the expiration date, but unfortunately it was not that successful because of this reason. I really don't know why it was appearing like this, so far I followed the guidelines in changing password.

I followed their guidelines like here below. But still it was a failure. I'm planning of contacting the bank where I got my EON card hopefully today. But before doing such action I want to know first if anyone of you guys (Philippine card handlers) experienced with this kind of problem.

Note: As of now I don't have an access anymore to my cyber account because my password was already expired so I need to settle it. I need help!

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  1. oi wa noon ko ka try ug cyberbank Jov kay duol ra man gud ko diri sa ATM. wa man noon koy probs sa EON nako sa UnionBank pod. siguro dapat muadto jud ka sa bank kay aron i-reset imo PW.


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