Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Perfect Car Seat for my Baby

I have been looking for a car seat for my baby Dhurianne for almost three months at the shopping malls, but there's nothing there that suits my taste. I want my children to be safe every time we are traveling, so I badly need a good car seat for my daughter. I already have one at home but it is for my son. At the moment, every time we go out I only borrow from a dear friend of mine and I'm already ashamed keep on borrowing. Yesterday, I was so blessed because I talked to my other friend online and she gave me the information that I need regarding car seats, if where to purchase it. And guess what? I can purchase it online. Don't you think it's great?

I already made my inquiries and I got all the details regarding the car seat, hopefully by next week I can have it. I'm very excited about it. Not only car seats we can find in their store, they are selling everything you need, name it and they will provide it to you. My dear friends it is really perfect! Another big plus factor is they have 30,000 stores compared to other sites that have only 1,000 shopping stores. So, what are you waiting for? Why not go visit and start shopping?


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  2. I love your blog and so I have an award waiting for you here :)
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