Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What an Experienced!

I just want to share this with you guys. When I woke up yesterday and open my blog I was wondering why my google ads didn't show up anymore. I just asked myself , am I banned now? So for me, to make sure I check my Adsense account if what's going on and it says that my "Adsense Account Disabled".

I know all of us love Google Adsense so much and you know already why. So when I knew about it I felt sad of course, but I don't know how to get Adsense back. Do you know how? And If that happens to you what will you do?


  1. They also banned my girly website - I had already $47 ( missed $3.00 for a payout and needed 1 Year to this first payout!) - and wupps....banned,never replied to my e-mails, so I am so sorry, you want get them back !

  2. I'm feel so sad hear about this. My friend RIP ( was have the same problem as u. But he can sign-up google adsense again. Just ask him, i'm sure he can help u. (My suggestion is try to make another different blog n different email address,then sign-up google adsense again)

  3. really? wow, first time to hear about adsense disabling their ads. hope they let you know why.

  4. was it becoz of the 'flying' Smiles notice in the chat box? if yes.. we've gotta stop it!


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