Monday, January 12, 2009

Mylotting is fun.

I found mylot site few weeks ago when I was blog hopping. At first I registered, make some posting and then left the site without reading what are the benefits I can get. And few days ago while doing nothing and bored looking somebody to talk to on the net I decided to visit myLot again. And guess what I found out? I already earning from there. Aside from having fun sharing your thoughts you are also get paid for that.

I find it very interesting there. When I compared my earnings from myLot and adgitize I earn more there at myLot. You will earn there through making a post and responding to others post. So just easy to earn at myLot. Why not joined now and start earning too? If you want to join just register here.


  1. Better try to prove it myself...thanks!

  2. @yen- yes that would be better. have fun!

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  4. hi bloghopper
    I've add your link, hope you'll add my link as well



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