Monday, June 10, 2013

Nestor Elementary's Sports Day

Last Friday dated June 08, 2013 was Nestor Elementary's Sports Day. Our son was very excited in going to school. Unfortunately before the event started a heavy rain ruined the wonderful day. Due to that they had the event held in the school gym. The space is quite fine but it would be great if outside of their field as it is so spacious there.

My son was in a green team so he wore the green shirt to have a team uniform. I saw the happiness on my son's face when I picked him up and announced their team status in overall ranking. The green team got the 2nd place! Son take home this ribbon found below for the participation.

In the coming few days the school will be over and soon he will be in a Math summer class offered for free. Aside from that we are planning on enrolling him in Martial arts and both of them in swimming. It will be fun and a busy summer for them. 

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