Sunday, April 7, 2013

Son's Artwork

As a proud mother I'd like to share with you the artwork of my 5 y.o. son. I could say that he has great improvements in drawing and that he learned at school. I don't teach him such thing as I don't have that talent. Is that an excuse? Honestly I was surprised to see the work of my son below- the first image are bees. According to him these bees are sucking the flowers juice which is the nectar then later the bees produced honey. He also draw the honey found in between the flowers.

The second image is a butterfly. He used my star cookie mold that he got from the kitchen to form this butterfly. Kudos to his teacher as she did a great job. I thought our son was just kept playing and sleeping in the school as every time we asked him from school as soon as he arrives he just answered either "I don't know or we play all day."

We are also proud that at his age he already learn how to read two syllable words and do simple Math subtraction and addition. In the coming days I'll gonna introduce to him another operation, the multiplication. Good job to our son! I hope he will continue to show eagerness to learn.

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