Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spends Quality Time with His Best Friend

I was amazed with the photos I saw on Yahoo awhile ago- the Japanese kid named Tasuku spends  quality time with his French bulldog named Muu. Isn't the pet has a cute name? And aren't they so sweet? Tasuku's mother documented images of these two lovely creatures on Facebook and Instagram based on the article I have read. 

I really love watching these two. I will show this to my 5 year old son tomorrow as he is very aloof with the dog. Maybe it is because we never had such pet in the house.

I love dog actually. My mother raised 2-3 dogs before, just the ordinary dog call as Askal and I loved taking care of them. Owning a pet here in North America is not the same in the Philippines, there are multiple differences. Here you must walk with the dog outside the house, so it obviously needs extra time of you to do that. Me with always in full-hands with the kids I don't think I have enough time for walking the dog. Besides, more expenditures but you know how I wish we have a dog even just one.

I visited mom of Tasuko's Instagram page  and I saw lots of pictures there of the two. More photos of them here.

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