Saturday, January 19, 2013

Video Intercom System

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Video Intercom is used for single homes, offices and multi-dwelling units for mainly security purposes. Through this wonderful device you will be alert to see strangers who want to get into your unit.

At Ilus Electronics- a family owned and operated company you can find video intercom system in two categories such as, the 2 wire video intercoms and 4 wire video intercoms which are also available in several model, good prices and of course in good quality. In fact the store was on sale the time I visited their website. For customers it is definitely a great savings!

To give you more insights about the company, it was founded by an electrical engineer with the desire to apply his experience in knowledge from high tech civilian and military projects to functional everyday solutions. Moreover, they source quality products that are cost effective, efficient, reliable and easy to use. And has the mission to utilize their technical know-how and experience in order to deliver optimal solutions to their customers, no matter their size.

And the company offers exclusively these following products:

  •     Access Control Keypads
  •     Integrated Access Control Keypads and Door Phones
  •     Telephone Integrated Intercoms
  •     PABX and PBX Access Control and Entry Systems
  •     Entry Systems for Single Family Homes, Twines, Apartment Building and   Condominiums
  •     Stand Alone Intercoms and Gated Community Access
  •   Remote Activated Electric Locks                                                                                            
So whichever electronic products you may need in the future, simply visit Ilus Electronics.

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