Friday, January 18, 2013

My First Winter SnowFall Experience

I can’t afford to neglect the moment I first experience seeing snowfall. In my whole life I never think that one day snows will be falling down my shoulders making me wet because in the first place there’s no winter season in the Philippines.

It was December 18, 2012 that snow came to BC (British Columbia) and made piles of snows on the ground. I was amazed watching the scenario and hours later as I couldn’t resist not feeling it on my body so I decided to go out and let it flow all around me. I was just laughing at myself on that day because I was having fun like my kids who can’t resist not playing on the snow.  I went out alone went to the store by walk and took pictures for the sake of memories.

Now I say that I can’t afford to neglect that moment because it was also our 6th Wedding Anniversary. I felt that those snowflakes were blessings showered to our marriage. (wink) Despite of the so many ups and downs we’ve been through, yet we are still strong and fighting every moment. Hopefully in God’s will all our aspirations will be fulfill as we go along our journey.

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